Saturday, July 6, 2013


Colin is 7 years old today.

There is something special about that boy.

His blue eyes and shock of blond hair have always made him stand out in our family of brown hair and brown eyes.

He radiates kindness, and is a willing and gentle friend to anyone, regardless of gender or age. He is the neutral party in the middle of the family, playing Legos and army with Asher or house and "baby" with Eva. He has a gift of overlooking people's annoying characteristics and just enjoys hanging out with them.

He is a natural at any sport he tries, but he also has the determination and perseverance to practice and become better. He has spent hours practicing dribbling a basketball, and is always wanting to practice his baseball skills.

He loves to look for ways to help others. In the winter, he will get all bundled up after it snows and go out to shovel the steps and driveways of our neighbors. A few weeks ago he spent several hours organizing the garage for Nick (no one had asked him to), and he often jumps in and helps the other kids with their chores.

I feel so lucky to be his mom. He's one of those kids where you feel like he just "happened" to turn out to be an amazing person, and I can't take any credit for it. His thoughtfulness, strength and dependability point ahead to something great.

I love you, Colin! Happy birthday!

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