Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Nick's cousin was getting married on Saturday, an adults-only affair at the posh Weaver Ridge. (It must be The Year of Love for Nick's cousins, as THREE of them are getting married within five months; but I digress...)

We got all spiffed up, split the four kids between two babysitters and raced off to the wedding. I am hard wired to be punctual, so I could feel my heart beating a bit faster as I watched the dashboard clock and realized we'd be arriving at the wedding at approximately the same time as the wedding party began walking down the aisle.

We quickly found a parking spot, grabbed our gift from the trunk and ran across the parking lot in the rain. A large crowd of people were packed inside, waiting for the rain to stop falling...because, of course, it was an outdoor wedding.

We didn't recognize anyone, but thought maybe the people we saw were from the groom's side of the family. When we finally asked, it turned out to be a different wedding party and we were pointed down the hall to the "other wedding".

Guess what?! That wasn't our wedding, either.

We finally located the owner of WR, who took us to his office, scanned his calender and kindly pointed out that Nick's cousin was getting married NEXT Saturday.

If you only knew how Type A organized I am, you would be laughing as hysterically as Nick and I were. The owner invited us down to the bar and gave us drinks on the house for our "inconvenience", which turned this funny, crazy day into a legitimate DATE! We sat at the bar, in nice clothes, drinking free drinks. It was awesome.

Now we're all practiced up for NEXT Saturday!

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